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Venice’s Local Fauna Returns To The Canals After COVID-19 Lockdown Empties The City

We all see and feel the effects of the latest COVID-19 pandemic. Italy is one of the worst-struck countries with hundreds of deaths and infected every day. People are being isolated in their own homes as the country is in lockdown.

In the meantime, air and water pollution levels have decreased significantly in Italy, due to a lack of human movement and closed factories. So, Venice, in particular, has become so quiet and peaceful.

Moreover, the local fauna has started repopulating the famous canals throughout the entire city. Since boats’ movement is currently very limited, you can clearly see schools of fish swimming everywhere, something the locals haven’t seen in decades!

To make it even more amazing, the famous white swans have returned to the canals, joyfully swimming beneath every little bridge. And what about the dolphins?! Yes, dolphins have started showing up, too! Mother Nature simply did its thing by cleaning the polluted water and showing all its glory in the middle of Venice. Ever been to Venice? Show the great news to someone who appreciates this stuff!