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The young boy’s heart stopped, but twenty minutes later he returned from the afterlife

The young boy’s heart stopped, his brain received no oxygen, meaning he was in a state of clinical death for twenty minutes. The doctors didn’t see a drop of chance for Zack to return, they gave it up completely,but the seventeen-year-old boy suddenly returned to life.

Zack has been on the other-side for twenty minutes and was part of a strange but wonderful thing.

Clementes, by the way, is a young, strong and healthy boy who collapsed while running on a school soccer field. He was soon taken to hospital, but by then Zack was already struggling with a lack of oxygen and was completely blue.

Just a few minutes of lack of oxygen caused severe brain damage, and the boy was not alive for twenty minutes. Suddenly his heart started beating again and he woke up after a few days of coma. The doctors were also surprised that the teenager did not suffer any permanent brain damage.

After waking up, it was as if nothing had happened, but it was part of a rare experience. He recounted that while he was dead, he had met a bearded man with long hair who was none other than Jesus himself.

“The bearded man put his hand on my shoulder and said everything will be fine, I had nothing to worry about. I felt a great calm in me, I believed what he said and I came back not long after, ”Zack recalled.


Doctors are puzzled about the incident, as they cannot find a rational explanation for what happened. It was a huge miracle in itself that Zack survived without any damage.