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The police dog who found lost mother and child on the first deployment of his life

Everyone is aware of how much a canine police officer can help with an investigation, as the dog’s nose can be used to find clues that a civilian patrol, detective, or other person would not find.

The star of our article are Max, a two-year-old German shepherd, and police officer Peter Lloyd, who have only recently joined. Max just passed his exam, and Peter joined colleagues in February. Not long ago, however, they were alerted to a case where they could prove that they were a very good team. A report has been received that a mother disappeared with her one-year-old child and they are nowhere to be found. Without hesitation, they began to look for them and managed to find them in a remote Welsh countryside.

By this time, the woman and her child had already spent the first day outdoors, so it was important that we find them sooner. Peter and Max and some police officers found the woman’s car on a mountain road, so there was hope as they knew where to start. Without Max, the vast area would have been difficult to comb through, but thanks to the scent of the woman, they were found. By this time, a police helicopter had been deployed, but Peter and his dog had first found the missing, who were trying to call for help on the edge of a cliff.

After they were rescued, they were escorted to the doctor to examine them. The doctor said they had lost a bit a body temperature, but other than that everything is fine. 

Throughout the search, Max behaved in a very disciplined manner, as befits a real police dog. With this, he also proved that even though he is a newcomer,he is a great addition to the team.