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Man Who Flew Into Sky Using Lawn Chair And A Hundred Helium Balloons Fined $26,500

Can you get any crazier than that?! I mean he obviously saw ‘Up’ one too many times. What inspires a guy to tie a 100 balloons filled with helium to a lawn chair in order to fly over the clouds? Well, obviously not just a dream. Daniel Boria, a Canadian citizen, was doing it so he could parachute over a rodeo event. Why, you ask? To promote his cleaning products company!

Oh, and do you know what happened to him? He got charged with mischief and fined over 26,000 dollars. I almost forgot, he also spent around 12,000 dollars on balloons. So in case YOU get hit by an inspiration to do a similar stunt, remember, it will cost you almost 40 grand.