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Her Kids Were Drowning, When Strangers Formed A Human Chain

What was supposed to be a great day at the beach, turned out into a nightmare for the Ursrey family. On one of Florida’s beaches, while Roberta and her loved ones were cooling off in the ocean, a huge riptide appeared out of nowhere.

All of them went missing, so she started panicking and calling for help. Trapped by the current, her sons couldn’t get back to the shore. Without any lifeguards available, the local people at the beach started to form a human chain, holding each other’s hands really tight, not to be taken by the current. They quickly grabbed Roberta’s sons and got out to the solid ground.

This is a great example of how we can do miraculous things if we’re completely united and organized, for just about anything in life! Deliver this powerful message to your friends and family!