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Glenn Campbell’s Daughter Sings A Tribute For Her Father, And It’s Leaving Millions In Tears

Returning from the tour, Ashley decided to go to Nashville. She then pursued a solo career having a realization that at some point, her dad might not remember the best times they’re together.

In one among the episodes of “Country’s Family Reunion Kickin’ Back Series,” Ashley performed a moving song she had written for her father. Her song is named “Remembering.” In an interview, she shared what was on her mind conceiving the song. She said:

“I wrote this song when…I knew that there was gonna be a time where he wouldn’t recognize me pretty soon, that he wouldn’t know who I was,” she told the audience filled with country legends and stars alike. “We’ve always had a really special connection, so I wanted to have something that would maybe be able to reach out to him even when he can’t really understand words anymore, and that’s definitely music. This is a song from me to him, kind of saying that I’ll always have his back.”