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Elvis & Celine Dion Sang Together “If I Can Dream” – A Perfect Duo

What is gone is gone,can’t be brought back. Or can it?

In this video Elvis sings together with Celine Dion, which is really not possible as the King is not with us anymore to hook up for a duet with her.

Still technology made it possible to see them singing together on the screen. With various editing and effects it comes close to the real thing as much as possible.

They did 3 different shoots for this magical video to come alive. First Celine was singing alone and looking on the side time to time where Elvis would have been standing.

Than made another clip with an Elvis double who was trying to mimic the moves and reactions of Elvis.

As a final step they edited the video and put it together .

Many says that it is very bad that this song came into existence in a form like this,simply because Celine doesn’t live up to the King. Which is true as nobody else will be like him.

Still she did her best and it is a wonderful song sang by two very talented artists.