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Bride’s Father Interrupts Wedding, grabs her Stepfather’s Hands and Leads him Down the Aisle

Most of her life, Brittany Peck has had two men vying for her love and attention: her father and stepfather.
In an age of changing family structures, wedding traditions can get a bit dicey. Between the stepfather and your father, who walks the bride down the aisle?

Todd Cendrosky, stepfather of Brittany Peck, assumed he would be sitting in the crowd of his stepdaughter’s wedding when he felt a tug at his sleeve. When he looked up, Todd Bachman, Peck’s biological father, was pulling him up out of his seat to do this.
“He told me: I’m going to do something special. Be ready,” said Delia Blackburn, the wedding photographer for Peck’s ceremony.

That “something special” was Bachman having Cendrosky help walk their daughter down the aisle. “I got weak in the knees and lost it. Nothing better in my life the most impactful moment in my life,” said Cendrosky. “Every time we tried on tuxes — or did some planning — it crossed my mind that I’d be sitting in the crowd, not walking her down the aisle.” The big moment was captured by Blackburn and has since gone viral.
Merging two families was not an easy journey, but the wedding day spoke volumes about the progress they’ve made together. Peck was walked down the aisle by two Todds who raised her in equal measure as her fathers.

It is a reminder that the modern-day family is faced with many dramas of its own, but no matter what kind of family you have, you still have a family.