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8 Puzzles You Will Be Thinking About All Day

1.There was once an old man who lived with his three daughters. One day the father became very ill and the reaper came for him. The eldest girl asked the reaper so to let her father live for another year. The reaper agreed. He returned exactly one year later, but then the middle girl begged him to give their father another year. Death agreed to this as well. He returned again a year later, at which point the youngest girl stood in front of her with a candle in her hand and asked her father to live until the candle burned down. Death agreed easily and never came back. The question is why?

2.John was standing on a 25-foot-long ladder when he suddenly slipped and fell to the ground, but still had no injuries. How is it possible?

3.There are two buckets, the first of which is filled with water at 25 C and the second is filled with water at 25 F. If we drop a coin from the same height into the buckets, which one sinks to the bottom of the bucket sooner?

4. Magic bushes are created in a field. The number of bushes doubles every day, so by day 10 the entire field is growing. On which day is the field half full?

5. There are ten people in a room where everyone can see everyone and the whole room. You have an apple that you want to place in this room so that not everyone can see it. How do you solve it?

6. I have a red and a blue car. Red travels at 40 mph while blue travels at 60 mph. They start at the same time, but later on they will be next to each other . How is it possible?

7. Two girlfriends, Anna and Panna, went for a walk in the woods, but suddenly there was a huge storm, so they immediately rushed into an abandoned house. By the time the rain stopped, they were very hungry, so Anna set off in search of something to eat. Shee soon found an apple tree, but as soon as she bit into the fruit, she immediately turned into an apple tree. Half an hour later, Panna went after her, and she heard these words, “Your friend turned into an apple tree. If you are able to show which tree it is, she can turn back into a human, but if you don’t, she will remain a tree forever. ” After a close look, Panna pointed firmly at the tree that Anna was. How did Panna figure out which tree Anna had turned into?

8. Three men carry a log on their shoulders. Which man carries the most weight?

Answers :

1. Because the girl blew out the candle so it never burned.

2. John stood at the bottom of the ladder.

3. The coin thrown into the first bucket sinks sooner because the water in the second bucket is frozen.

4. As the number of bushes doubles every day, it grows in half of the field on day 9, as this is the only way to grow the entire field by day 10.

5. You put an apple on the head of one man, so that everybody can see it but not him.

6. They started at the same time, but from opposite directions, so they pass next each other. There are more solutions to this. Can you think of one more?

7. Because it had been raining not long before, Anna was the only tree that was not wet.

8. The middle man carries 25% more weight than the others. This one has also more good answers. Can you think of the other good answers?